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Jahangir Tareen group may join hands with Opposition: sources

As the Opposition plans to move a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government, sources close to the Jahangir Tareen group have claimed that the estranged PTI leader’s faction may side with the Opposition.

Sources privy to the matter revealed that the majority in the group suggest standing with the PML-N, while lawmakers elected from Jhang believe that the faction should remain independent.
The majority of the group is of the view that the faction should “actively take part in the current political scenario.” Sources further added that the majority of the lawmakers were of the view that it was the right time for them to develop a strategy against the PTI-led government
Per sources, the group has also decided to come up with its own strategy when the no-confidence motion is formally presented, but advised that the faction’s political cards should remain secret until the tabling of the no-confidence motion. They added that the group might side with the Opposition when the motion is presented in the assembly.
The members of the Tareen group believe that the Imran Khan-led party holds a “weak position in the constituencies” and strong candidates would not consider fighting the local body elections on a PTI ticket. The lawmakers think that inflation has broken the back of the people and PTI leaders may face a backlash when they reach out to the masses, sources said.
The group has decided to conduct meetings regularly from now on and meetings with political parties should continue.
Sources added the members of the faction have given Jahangir Tareen the authority to decide their future course of action after considering several political options.
A day earlier, Jahangir Tareen told journalists that the group’s meeting was important in light of the current political situation in the country.
The Opposition has repeatedly claimed that lawmakers from the PTI are in contact with them and that when the time would be right, they would move a no-confidence motion against the premier.
Sources privy to the matter said that the meeting took place at the residence of former special assistant to chief minister Punjab Awn Chaudhry, who hosted dinner for the lawmakers from national and provincial assemblies.
Tareen said the political situation required a consultative meeting as the country is witnessing high inflation, adding that “it is difficult for the people to survive in this economy.”
Shedding light on the meeting, Tareen said that the current political situation and inflation came under discussion.
“Politicians keep contact with each other, and these contacts will continue to exist,” he added. He also said that the politicians would consult each other on the country’s situation.



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