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Sadly not even ONE person listens to Quran at our website 😞

Our Quran Radio Plays 24/7 in English and Urdu Translations, BUT Unfortunately Not even One Person Listens to the Quran,
Apparently People are 
Not Interested.

We regret to share this information with you that our ‘Quran live stream’ report shows that not even one person from thousands of visitors is interested in listening to Quran with translation at any given time.

This brings us to the conclusion that perhaps this is one of the key reasons for our internal destruction (Azaab) as a NATION for abandoning Quran and that is why we, Pakistanis, are always in some kind of trouble, either rich or poor, we’re all are suffering.

Either, as a nation, we’re punished in the form of corrupt rulers, injustice, shortage of water, shortage of resources, lies and betrayals, lawlessness and the list goes on OR it is in the form of individual Azaab, such as loss of job, loss of health, sickness, confusion, hopelessness, family problems related to spouse, daughters, sons and other relatives.

It is a shame that we have abandoned Quran (The Book of Allah) and we’re more interested in sizzling news of Shaitan like Nawaz, Zardari and others.

Remember, Quran is the book of Allah and if we abandon it, then Allah will bring  those who will respect the Quran and wipe-out those who disrespects and abandons Quran, and it is very easy for Allah to do that. Just for your information, this is the RULE of Allah written in Quran and Allah doesn’t change his rules.

This is just a wakeup call, I know many of you still won’t listen, but maybe some of you can come toward the light from the darknesses.

Here is the link:

The Holy Quran Live



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