Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Inflation rises with 1.42 pc gain

Inflation rose further to 1.42% weekly across the country. According to the statistics, during one week, live chicken became more expensive at Rs 28.26 per kg, lentils at Rs 14.88, gram lentils at Rs 6.54 and mash lentils at Rs 5.18 per kg while a 20 kg bag of flour at Rs 54.62 with the increase in money has reached Rs. 1425.

The report further stated that eggs went up by Rs6.28 per dozen, mutton by Rs6.67 per kg and beef by Rs5.84 per kg adding that prices of curd, milk, sugar, ghee, tea and garlic also went up.
On the other hand, prices of only 4 items declined in a week while prices of 14 essential items remained stable.



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