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Imran Khan, please don’t fool Pakistanis anymore – Talk, don’t only tweet

We have a request to the prime minister that he has almost six months in office, and he won the election by fooling people that justice will be served as he will ensure the criminals will be punished. But that never happened as we can see how things are unfolding.

Imran Khan and his corrupt, sluggish and incompetent team knew that NAB chairman¬†‘Javed Iqbal’ is a corrupt mafia planted man . He made weak cases on these corrupt mafia leaders and to fool people of Pakistan supreme court worked with harmony. Supreme Court punished the leaders of corrupt mafia and put them in jail temporarily only to fool general public. The jail which is given to them is also A-class jail where they have all facilities available. From cell phones to TV and other things that we cannot mention here.

It was all part of the plan that NAB will make weak cases, SC will send them to Jail, then they will appeal NAB’s cases, then SC will let overturn the decision and they will be out. In our opinion a big hand is been done with Pakistani people who were ripped off by these criminals over and over for almost 50 years and yet one more time.

PM Imran, do you have some time to tell the public why Nawaz case was purposefully made so weak, and why NAB chairman Javed Iqbal continue to work in his position under your government even after you took over the PM office? Don’t you think you have a responsibility to come in public and tell them the truth or do you prefer to tweet only?

MR. KHAN, please let us know soon, we are desperate to hear from you.




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