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Imran Khan first drags institutions into politics: Maryam Nawaz

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz Saturday requested the judiciary to remain “impartial” and maintain a distance from PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s politics.

Speaking at a public gathering in Bahawalpur, the PML-N vice president said: “Imran Khan, the revolution that you want to bring through the Supreme Court, the SC itself, along with the people of Pakistan, will foil it.”
Maryam said Khan first drags institutions into politics and then utters abusive words for them.
“Therefore, with respect, I want to ask the Supreme Court to maintain distance from the politics of this anarchist as the Supreme Court is an institution of Pakistan and it should remain impartial,” she added.
The request comes after the PTI chairman announced his party would approach the apex court next week to seek clarity on holding public rallies after the government crackdown and clashes across the country.



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