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Imran Khan distributed appreciation certificates among his ‘chamchas’: BIlawal

Taking a jibe at Prime Minister Imran Khan for lauding his ministers, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari said that the premier distributed certificates among 10 of his chamchas (lackeys).

Addressing a PPP workers’ convention in Multan, the PPP chairman said that the party’s central executive committee (CEC) has announced a “war” against the incumbent government.
“In this war, people are our soldiers, and we have to fight this war together. We have to make arrangements to end this puppet regime,” said Bilawal.
The PPP chairman claimed that farmers in the country were getting “murdered”, adding that his party always stands with the masses.
“The protest movement has to enter a new stage. If inflation, unemployment and poverty are here today so how can we wait till tomorrow?” said Bilawal. He added that February 27, the launch of PPP’s long march, is approaching fast and assured his supporters that the party will leave for Islamabad on the announced date.
“We will reach Islamabad via GT Road and hold the prime minister accountable,” said Bilawal. I am leaving to change the fate and save the country, he added.
Continuing his tirade against the incumbent government, Bilawal said that “destruction” was happening in the country in the name of change. There is nothing happening, apart from shouting about the previous government’s corruption, he added.
The PPP chairman went on to allege that the premier committed history’s biggest corruption. He added that the premier used to call him and his rival’s thieves and would not leave them alone.
“In my opinion, Imran Khan has left everyone. We did not even run away anywhere. Zardari is in Pakistan despite his illness. If you can catch him then come. We will be exonerated from the allegations you have levelled against us,” said Bilawal.
The PPP chairman further claimed that whoever levelled allegations against the PPP were instead convicted themselves.
“Whatever fake allegations levelled against Benazir Bhutto were not proven. Musharaf couldn’t prove anything against us and now a new one [premier] is here, calling us thieves but he will also [see the same fate],” said Bilawal.
While attacking Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who hails from Multan, Bilawal said that the premier did not even give him a certificate.
“This is injustice against Multan. If China’s visit was successful then where is the certificate,” said Bilawal, adding that PM Imran distributed certificates to his 10 “lackeys”.
“Mr Khan does not trust his other cabinet members,” said Bilawal.



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