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ICJ resumes hearing of Kulbhushan case

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) adjourned hearing of a case pertaining to Indian spy Kulbhushan, after the Indian side presented its arguments in the case.

Jadhav, an on-duty Indian navy officer working for the Indian covert agency RAW, was captured from Balochistan in March 2016. He later confessed to his association with RAW, and involvement in espionage and fomenting terrorism in Pakistan.
The Indian spy was tried in a Pakistani military court, which sentenced him to death in April 2017 for espionage and subversive activities.
The hearing in the International Court of Justice will continue until Feb 21. Pakistan will present evidence pertaining to Jadhav’s involvement in subversive activities on Tuesday.
New Delhi will again be given a chance to present its stance on Feb 20, while Pakistan will give final arguments in the case on Feb 21.
According to diplomatic sources, India has not provided evidence regarding Jadhav’s retirement.
“India did not give a satisfactory response to a question on the passport issued in Hussain Mubarak Patel’s name,” the sources added. “Kulbhushan had used the passport in the name of Hussain Mubarak Patel to visit India 17 times,” they added.



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