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“I will forgive you, come back” Imran khan

He made the statement at the end of the rally and with utmost conviction. Earlier, he told his party’s dissident MNA that he would “forgive” them if they return to the party.

Imran Khan also said that he would not enter a compromise to save his government.
The prime minister addressed a rally in Dargai tehsil of Malakand district on Sunday.
Towards the end of the address, he said he has good news to share with people. Referring to Asif Ali Zardari, Shehbaz Sharif and Maulana Fazlur Rehman as “three stooges” Imran Khan says, “the three stooges” – who have hatched a grand conspiracy using money – should learn that “you are going to lose this match.”
Earlier, Imran Khan said he would not enter a compromise to save his government. “If I have to sell my conscience to save my government, I damn as such a government,” he said
He also praised India for “always” maintaining a neutral foreign policy.
Imran Khan accused the opposition of trying to serve western interests.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has told the dissident PTI MNAs that a party’s head is “like a father” to its members.
He said the days of Changa Manga have gone. “Through social media, every one has learnt your name and if you leave the party, people will say that you did that for money, though you may say that your conscience has an awakening and this is the reason that you voted against Imran Khan, but people would not believe in you.”
He warned the dissidents that on social media they will always be called “sellers of conscience” and it would become impossible for them to attend weddings. “You would ruin your future. People would not forgive you.”
Imran Khan said that MNAs who “have made the mistake, I will forgive you, come back.



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