I do politics of honour not of power: Chudry Nisar


Former interior minister Chaudhry Nisar said on Sunday that he has repeatedly said that he is not part of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz anymore.

“I have been part of the PML-N for a long time. I do politics of honour not of power,” said Nisar in a press conference. “I have a strong relationship with Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s family but I have said many times I am not part of PML-N.”
The former PML-N leader said that it will be sheer hypocrisy from his part if he takes the oath of Punjab Assembly seat. He said that a trap is being set up to weaken Pakistan on multiple fronts.
Nisar said that calling everyone dacoit and looter won’t work, battles are won by taking the nation into confidence. He predicted that by October massive inflation will hit Pakistan that the entire nation will be on streets.
“The deflation of currency and increase in petroleum prices will adversely impact on the poor people. People should be given relief by the government,” he said.


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