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How Tahir-ul-Qadri Became a Millionaire?

How Qadri became a millionaire – watch an eye opening video clip below, this is for the people who are still awake.

Tahir-ul-Qadri, another big name for Islamic scholar and a millionaire who owns properties in many western countries is a complete fraud on the name of Islam.

Tahir was a cheap shot in his early age and a imam of some mosque in a Punjab village, how today he became a Islamic scholar, wrote many books, made properties in many western countries and became super rich?

Tahir is actually a fraud scholar just like others we have exposed and will continue to expose them. Qadri is also a dear friend of Sharif family and the drama he does on the TV is just a show off, he still is their friend and a partner in crime.

He has nationality of UK (which no one knows), Canada and Pakistan, he is a millionaire and when asked, he said he sells his books and made his empire. This is another topic we will discuss some other day.

For today, watch his video clip and see how he started his journey on the path of shirk by delivering fake and and completely fraud speeches for Our Prophet PBUH and misguided millions with his sweet talks and a fraud charity shelter called “Minhaj ul Quran”.




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