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Government in talks with IMF on regular basis: Umar

Finance Minister Asad Umar on Thursday said the government is in talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on a regular basis.

Speaking to the media after addressing the Business Leaders Conference in Islamabad, the finance minister said, “We are in talks with the IMF and are holding sessions on a regular basis. Last week, we had two technical sessions with the international lender and have over one interaction every week.”
“The government will again talk with the IMF this week and we are sharing economic data with the,” he continued. Umar added, “Following the finalisation of terms, an IMF mission will visit Pakistan.”
Responding to a question, Umar said, “India will face losses following an increase in duties on Pakistani products. Pakistan will not face any burden after the increase in duties.”
Earlier while addressing the conference, the finance minister said, “We will make maximum use of the development capacity of Pakistan and the country cannot progress till professionals are given opportunities.”
“Grooming of professionals is imperative to improve the quality of governance in the country,” Umar said. “Capabilities of professionals can be utilised in the best manner through providing them incentives,” he added.
Upholding that collaborations between the government and private sector improve the performance of all sectors, Umar said, “Professional training is of vital importance for ensuring good governance.”
“The incumbent government is taking all possible steps for the welfare of the trader community,” he added.



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