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Gilgit Baltistan assembly passes resolution against Indian aggression

Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly unanimously passed a resolution on Thursday against Indian aggression and showed complete solidarity with armed forces of Pakistan.

The resolution was tabled before the house by chairman public accounts committee Cap (retd) Sikander Ali. The house unanimously condemned the Indian air force’s aggression along the line of control. The house also praised the quick response of the Pakistan army particularly the Pakistan Air Force by shooting down two Indian aircraft.
The house said that “Pakistan is a peaceful and responsible atomic country but there is no compromise on our national security and sovereignty. If India challenges our sovereignty, we will not tolerate it and will respond with full zest”.
GB Chief Minister Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman while addressing the house said that “no one wants war because wars destroy nations, cultures and everything and the only destruction is left behind”. He further added that the country was in a state of war and “the people of GB are with our armed forces and ready to fight our conventional enemy”.
He praised Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan over his yesterday’s mature statement regarding the regional peace. He said that India will have to understand that Pakistan was also a nuclear power and Narendra Modi needed to rethink what he wanted for the people of India, war or peace.
Other members also participated in the debate. Deputy Speaker Jafarullah Khan who chaired the session announced the approval of resolution unanimously and ruled to send the copy of the resolution to the United Nation’s Gilgit Office to record our protest on Indian aggression.



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