Ghulam Sarwar Khan accepts to take new charge as aviation minister


Ghulam Sarwar Khan has accepted Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to change his ministry as part of the federal cabinet reshuffle, sources said on Saturday.

Ghulam Sarwar will take charge as aviation minister on Monday or Tuesday, the sources said.
“After two holidays, I will go the aviation ministry and start work,” the sources quoted the federal minister as saying.
“PM Imran is my captain and I accept all his decisions. The decision is to strengthen the premier’s hands,” he was further quoted as saying.
“I will run the aviation ministry as per PM Imran’s vision. If PM Imran did not give me an alternate portfolio, I would have still accepted his decision,” Ghulam Sarwar said according to sources.
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A day earlier, sources said Ghulam Sarwar has refused to take charge of an alternate ministry as part of the major cabinet reshuffle.


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