Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi termed PDM “a caravan without any destination


Criticizing the opposition’s 11-member alliance for constantly changing its position and internal differences, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Saturday termed Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) “a caravan without any destination.

Addressing a public meeting in Multan today, FM Qureshi said that an alliance based on personal interest never meets success. He maintained that PDM was earlier talking about resigning from assemblies, then holding a long march, and now a no-confidence movement.
The foreign minister said that the PML-N leaders could not mislead the people by telling lies as they had already been exposed before the masses. He maintained that the government will complete its constitutional term.
FM Qureshi reiterated the incumbent government will not grant any NRO to the corrupt leaders who had plundered the national wealth.
Earlier on January 20, Prime Minister Imran Khan in his South Waziristan visit had spoken with the journalists saying people ask where was the Welfare State of Medina and the Naya Pakistan that he had promised to which he said even the real state of Medina did not pan out in a single day.
He had said the government was trying in the best of its capacities to turn Pakistan into a welfare state and each institution in Pakistan had been introducing reforms in its system to this effect.


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