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FO advises Pakistani students in Ukraine to reach Ternopil for evacuation

The Foreign Office (FO) on Friday advised all Pakistani students in Ukraine to reach the city of Ternopil as soon as possible for evacuation.

The statement comes as Russia presses ahead with its invasion of Ukraine, unleashing airstrikes on cities and military bases and sending in troops and tanks from three sides.
In lieu of the attacks in Kyiv, Pakistan’s embassy has been moved to Ternopil in western Ukraine.
FO spokesperson Asim Iftikhar Ahmad said in a statement that the Pakistan embassy in Ternopil was fully functional from February 25 (today).
“A focal person of the Pakistan embassy is also available for facilitation of Pakistani students in Kyiv,” he said, also providing a cell phone number (+380681734727).
The FO also provided the contact details of the focal person in Ternopil, Dr Shahzad Najam. Pakistanis in Ukraine can contact him on the following numbers: +380632288874, +380979335992.
“Trains are functioning and tickets are available from Kharkiv to Lviv/ Ternopil. In cities where public transport is not available at the moment, all students are informed that [the] embassy has tasked concerned Honorary Education Consultant for arranging transportation and bringing students to Ternopil,” the statement said.
Separately, the embassy in Ukraine issued a statement that all Pakistanis in the country were safe and that it was in the process of reaching out to them to “assure their well-being and evacuation”.
“The capital city, Kyiv, is under attack and Ambassador Dr Noel I. Khokhar has advised all students to follow the guidelines so that they may be transported to Ternopil for onward evacuation,” it said, adding that a facilitation centre had been made at Ternopil and a reception point had been setup at the Lviv railway station.
“Pakistani students will be evacuated to Poland,” the embassy said. In the handout, it also said that it was in close contact with other Pakistan embassies in Poland, Romania and Hungary.
“All these missions have been directed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad, to facilitate all Pakistani students coming from Ukraine.”
The name and the contact details for the focal person of the embassy in Poland was also provided to facilitate border crossing: Trade and Investment Counsellor Zahid, who can be contacted at +48668059876.
“The embassy has already gathered 35 Pakistani students in Ternopil and soon they will be evacuated. Other Pakistani students are being transported to Ternopil and will be evacuated at the earliest.”
The embassy urged students in Ukraine to keep in touch with the focal persons so that they could be evacuated as soon as possible.



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