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Flour crisis likely in Karachi as wheat prices Increases

Following the consistent increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Sindh, the provincial capital Karachi is likely to face flour crisis as wheat prices went up after a halt in supplies from the open market.

Karachiites flocked towards retail shops and wholesale markets to purchase and stock flour sacks inside homes amid fear of coronavirus that has increased concerns of flour shortage in the metropolis.
The expectations of flour shortage grew as wheat supplies to flour owners in Karachi came to a halt from open market, whereas, an increase up to Rs5 per kilogram on new wheat was made. The new price of wheat has hiked to Rs43 from Rs28 per kilogram and Rs10 was increased on the wheat flour of previous year, jacking up its rate from Rs43 to Rs 53.
On the other hand, Pakistan Flour Mills Association ruled out any expectation of wheat shortage in Sindh. The association said in a statement that there was no shortage of wheat in Sindh and new stocks reached in markets with the cooperation of the provincial government.It is pertinent to mention here that Sindh is facing a partial lockdown as a precautionary measure taken by the provincial government to contain further spread of COVID-19 among citizens.
Earlier in the day, the Sindh government decided to buy 60,000 bags of ration in the first phase for distribution amid coronavirus outbreak. The ration bags to include, flour, rice, pulses, dry milk and other things.
The bags will be distributed through the Provincial Disasters Management Authority. After the decision of the provincial government, the PDMA has started preparations for the purchase of ration bags.
The PDMA  sought quotations from the sellers within three days.



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