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FATF meets in Paris today to decide Pakistan’s fate

A crucial plenary meeting of the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) kicked off in Paris on Sunday where it would be decided whether or not Pakistan had taken enough measures against money laundering and terror financing to be taken off the global watchdog’s grey list.

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has found Pakistan ‘fully compliant’ on 14 points of 27-point action plan, showing the country is making progress to comply with all of its conditions.
Now the ongoing plenary of the FATF at Paris will decide the fate of Pakistan this week with two possibilities: 1), to exclude Pakistan from the grey list and put it on the white list; 2), continue putting the country into the grey list for another extended period of three to six months.
Pakistan’s chances to slip into the black list have completely disappeared in view of the progress made in the last one year. Although, India has moved heaven and earth to get Pakistan into the black list, all its nefarious designs have come a cropper.
Pakistan has demonstrated success, as both the military and civilian leaderships are on one page. After getting 14 points on technical grounds, Pakistan will be needing political and diplomatic efforts to get out of the grey list.
When this correspondent contacted the Pakistani authorities currently in Paris, they said all things were confidential and any official response would be available only after the conclusion of plenary meeting.
However, top official sources confirmed that the FATF joint group in its submitted report related to the ongoing plenary meeting at Paris had declared Pakistan compliant on fresh nine points. Earlier, Islamabad was cleared on five points.
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