Eggwhite reduces the high blood pressure


High Blood Pressure or Hypertension can occur due to many factors like age, family history, poor eating habits, lifestyle etc.

1:Drink Tea
Sipping 1-2 cups of tea a day for 12 days can lower blood pressure. Especially Hibiscus tea contains flavonoids that prevent clotting of blood, improves the function of the coronary artery, and stimulates insulin production in the body.
Taking powdered cardamom daily for several months has significant reductions in blood pressure. You can sprinkle cardamom over soup or your oatmeal breakfast for a healthy savory meal.
3:Vitamin D rich foods
Vitamin D helps regulate blood pressure. List of foods containing Vitamin D – orange juice, soy milk, cereals etc.
4: Pomegranate
60ml of Pomegranate juice daily lowers your blood pressure, improves cholesterol, and cleanses plaque from your arteries reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Make a heart-healthy smoothie with few frozen blueberries, pomegranate juice, and some cocoa powder.
Radish contains potassium that lowers blood pressure, especially if you suffer from hypertension and has a cooling effect on the blood.
6:Egg Whites
Egg whites are rich in protein and contain a peptide that lowers blood pressure. Have 2-3 egg whites daily for adequate protein intake.
High Blood Pressure is a menace in today’s fast lifestyle. Monitor your blood pressure regularly and visit your nearest medical center in case of any emergency.


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