Dr. Shahid Masood bail is not accepted because of FIA

FIA and Shahid Masood

We all know that Dr. Shahid Masood is in Adyala Jail for 3.5M rupees corruption charges when he was director of PTV. Sadly, he never committed this crime but facing jail-time.

We have already written a blog news for this here and here,  where we have explained why Dr. Masood is not yet been released.

“FIA has still NOT CLEARED Dr. Masood, but rather in their unofficial report they have said that we have not found any corruption for Mr. Masood when he was at executive position in PTV. The full official report need to be submitted from FIA to the concerned court and only then court will issue his bail or release orders.”

Many people on the social media are trying to make their chance and saying that FIA has already cleared Dr. Masood, however, this is incorrect as of January 7th 2019. As we mentioned earlier that there is tremendous pressure on the corrupt judicial system and bureaucrats (also in FIA)  from top goons and criminals like Malik Riaz, Zardari and Nawaz gang to hold Mr. Masood in jail as much longer as possible.

The forces which is working against Mr. Masood’s luck are FIA and the court, they both are neck-in-neck and contributing to the delay in releasing Mr. Masood on bail.

If today FIA issues the clearance letter for Mr. Masood, court will ultimately have to release Dr. Shahid Masood as FIA is the prosecutor in this case and court is there only to do the judgement and announce their rulings.

FIA already found Dr. Masood free of any charges, BUT if they would have given a written clearance statement to the court, then there is no case on Mr. Masood and he should be released. However, FIA, so far, have not provided any such statement in public or to the court that will prove Mr. Masood’s innocence.

There are many fake news circling on social media that it is not FIA’s fault rather it is court’s fault, but the actual reason is, both court and FIA is interested to hold Dr. Shahid Masood as much longer as possible in the jail to save the big criminals. It is not possible for the court to keep Mr. Masood in jail if FIA has already cleared him for any act of crime.


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