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Demand from Rana Mashood: Panama-style JIT to probe offshore wealth of PTI leaders

Addressing a press conference, Rana Mashood Khan claimed that Imran Khan’s sister Aleema Khan owns around 17 properties in Dubai, America and London and must be investigated about the money-trail and source of income.

Former Punjab Education Minister Rana Mashood Ahmad Khan has demanded a Panama-style joint investigation team (JIT) to probe offshore properties of PTI leaders and government ministers including Faisal Vawda, Aleema Khan, and others.
Khan claimed that these properties have been made through the misuse of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital and NAMAL funds and are owned jointly by Prime Minister Imran Khan and Aleema Khan.
“Aleema Khan has accepted that she owns four flats in Dubai, four flats in New Jersey and several other properties in New Jersey are on her son’s name.
Her total worth is around $27 million and she has used Shaukat Khanum and NAMAL University money to purchase these properties.
Her husband was not known before the scandal of her properties became public.
I am asking NAB and courts of Pakistan that they have enough proofs against her and must start an inquiry.
How can she get her properties legalised without accountability? What kind of justice is this? Aleema Khan must be asked to provide money trail and receipts of how she purchased properties of millions of US dollars?” asked the former minister.
Rana Mashood claimed that Federal Minister Faisal Vawda has made properties in London through money laundering and he must be investigated through a Panama-style JIT and institutions must apply the same principles on PTI leaders that have been applied on PML-N leaders.
Rana said: “Faisal Vawda owns eight properties in London. He has declared only a fraction of that.
Vawda has not produced proofs of how he made these properties and what channels were used to send money abroad.
The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is only witch-hunting PML-N leaders while helping PTI leader cover up their illegality and money laundering.
I challenge Faisal Vawda to give proofs of how he sent money from Pakistan to purchase properties in most expensive areas like Mayfair, Hyde Park, Edgware Road and Maida Vale. Why is NAB silent? Imagine, this minister lectures on money-laundering but doesn’t have money trail himself.”
Rana Mashood Ahmed Khan said that Raja Qamar ul Islam was put in detention by NAB ahead of 2018 elections because he was winning and thus a seat was snatched away from PML-N by illegally jailing him in the name of corruption.
“After almost 9 months the court has released him and its clear that there is no case of corruption against him.
Fawad Hasan Fawad and Ahad Cheema are behind bars because they are refusing to become approvers against Shehbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif because there is nothing they have, there was no corruption under PML-N but the NAB is trying to persecute PML-N leaders to help PTI govt.
Shahbaz Sharif has been released because the NAB failed to produce any case of wrongdoing against him.
The NAB must stop damaging Pakistan,” said the former Punjab minister.



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