Corrupt Judges, Zardari and Minister of Information Behind Shahid Masood Arrest

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As we all know that Shahid Masood was falsely accused and arrested for no apparent reasons and further his bail was also denied so he can remain in jail and left to rot.

On the other hand, most corrupt criminals, proven terrorists, murderers, money launderers, extortionists, kidnappers and list goes on and on are outside of the jail, enjoying their life and drinking Laal Pari.

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 Who is behind it?
We all know that without corrupt judges this was not possible, the judges likely been paid an hefty amount to put someone like Shahid Masood into jail and especially for no reason. These judges are infiltrated into the Pakistani judicial system from the past 50 years and they are appointed by Zardari, Sharifs and other criminal goons of both parties. They are purposely put into place at key position so they can be used when a decision is required in a favor or to abuse someone when a decision is required against their enemy, in this case the decision was made against Shahid Masood.

Is it Zardari or Malik Riaz?
Zardari had given death threats to Dr. Shahid Masood earlier along with Malik Riaz. If we say Malik Riaz and Zardari together planted this to put Mr. Masood in jail then it will not be incorrect. Yes, Zardari and Malik Riaz have too much corruption money that they can spend on the corrupt judges, FIA, PTV and FAWAD CHAUDHRY who is the information minister and keep in mind that PTV directly comes under Fawad and ultimately under Imran Khan’s government. This is called NAYA PAKISTAN… If this is Naya Pakistan then Old Pakistan was better.

Criminals Works in Harmony:
All of the corrupt judges, PTV and FIA all are involved in the conspiracy of arresting Dr. Shahid Masood and to keep him in the jail until he is no longer able to do his program on TV, either kill him in jail by other criminals or keep on dragging his case so he dies while fighting for justice.

Fawad Chaudhry who used to work for corrupt Asif Ali Zardari not too long ago and now continuously making efforts to exploit Zardari money laundering case so Zardari can avoid going to Jail and buy some more time so he can execute his vicious plan.

We believe that Fawad Chaudhry is directly involved on the commands of Zardari and Malik Riaz to pursue Dr. Shahid Masood case through PTV lawyer and continue to extend it, also FIA who directly work under PM Imran Khan also pursuing this case and as of today, they haven’t found a single piece of evidence against Dr. Masood.

Dr. Shahid Masood is Out of Luck?
In front of these criminal billionaire tycoons who have a sea of corruption money, poor Dr. Shahid Masood has fallen short, he couldn’t fight these goons and corrupt ministers, he cannot stand when all of the odds are against him and big money has been played from top to bottom. Judges, Policemen, Jailer, Minister, PTV and FIA, all are against him, plus he was not a corrupt journalist, therefore, he does not have enough money to fight these cockroaches.

We can only pray for his health and his safe return home, only possible if these hyenas let him come out alive from the jail and if they don’t try to poison his food. Lets see….

Please share as much as possible to raise voice for our friends and the real HEROES of Pakistan Also to reveal the ACTUAL faces of the criminals.

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