Coronavirus: Global Economy sink, $19 trillion in risky corporate debt

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Companies have spent the years since the global financial crisis binging on debt. Now, as the coronavirus pandemic threatens to push the world into recession, the bill could come due — exacerbating damage to the economy and feeding a meltdown in financial markets.

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Looking to take advantage of low interest rates, companies have rushed in recent years to issue bonds whose proceeds could be used to grow their businesses.
Corporate debt among non-banks exploded to $75 trillion at the end of 2019, up from $48 trillion at the end of 2009, according to the Institute of International Finance.
As the coronavirus spreads — touching off a plunge in oil prices and a collapse in travel, and shutting factories from Italy to China — there is increasing alarm that companies in the energy, hospitality and auto sectors won’t be able to make their bond payments.
That could trigger a spree of ratings downgrades and defaults that would further destabilize financial markets and compound the economic shock.”This certainly is another match being lit [near] the bonfire of corporate debt liabilities,” said Simon MacAdam, global economist at Capital Economics. “There’s definitely potential for systemic risk.”

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