Coinbase to allow users to use card via Apple, Google wallets


Coinbase Global launched a tie-up with Apple and Google on Tuesday that will allow users to add cards from their accounts to the payment apps run by the two tech giants.

The Coinbase card added to the wallets can be used to spend digital currencies, the biggest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange said in a blog post.
If you’re a Google Pay user, you can add your Coinbase Card from the Google Pay app. If you’re an Apple Pay user, you can add your card from the Apple Wallet app or from within the Coinbase app. On the iPhone, Apple Pay is easy to set up: simply open the Wallet app, tap +, and follow the steps to add your card.
Within the Coinbase app, you’ll have the option to add your card to Apple Pay as soon as you’re approved for your card. You can also add your card to Apple Pay within settings: from your card home, tap Manage then tap Add to Apple Wallet.
If you’re already on the Coinbase Card waitlist, you’ll soon receive your email invitation and will complete a quick application. Coinbase Card is a debit card so signing up will not impact your credit score and there are no application fees.


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