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Citizenship Amendment Act: Indonesia conveys concerns over New Delhi riots

The Indonesian government has conveyed its concerns over the recent deadly riots in New Delhi, as anger mounts in the predominantly Muslim country over what local Islamic groups say is anti-Muslim violence in India.

The Foreign Ministry of Indonesia said on Friday that it had called the Indian Ambassador in Jakarta to discuss the riots that have claimed dozens of lives. “The government of Indonesia has complete confidence that the government of India will be able to manage the situation and ensure the harmonious relations among its religious communities.
Moreover, both countries share similar characteristics, as pluralistic countries that uphold democratic values and tolerance,” the ministry said. The statement came hours after the Religious Affairs Ministry uncharacteristically issued a statement condemning the sectarian “violence against Muslims”.
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Remember, violence over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) continued to escalate in North East Delhi on Tuesday taking the death toll to 13 as police struggled to check the rioters who ran amok on streets, burning and looting shops, pelting stones and thrashing people.



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