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Candidates on campaign trail for Iran’s legislative elections

More than 6,000 candidates have begun competing for 290 seats in Iran’s eleventh parliament.

The nationwide campaigns kicked off on Thursday, with candidates installing billboards across cities and towns and posting videos and pictures on social media platforms. Religious minority groups, including Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians, are also on the campaign trail. Voters say the upcoming poll is historic and a choice to move forwards amid US threats and restrictions.
Nearly 58 million Iranians are eligible to vote in the 11th round of parliamentary elections, three million of which will be first-time voters. Of those eligible to cast a ballot in the fast-approaching election, 50.13% are men and 49.87% are women.
The two main parliamentary camps, the Reformists and the Principlists, are still speculating about the list of candidates they want to field. They are expected to finalize their lists for Tehran’s Constituency in the coming days.
According to the law, candidates can campaign until Thursday, February 20, one day before the polls. Iran will simultaneously hold the eleventh parliamentary elections and the Assembly of Experts by-elections on February 21st.



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