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Business activities of Jahangir Tareen group suffer following anti-govt stance

Jahangir Khan Tareen group leaders on Thursday said that they are still a part of the PTI faction; however, they have joined the Khan group due to “differences with the ruling party.”

Speaking to journalists, the group’s spokesperson Saeed Akbar Nawani said that the pumps and transport business of another disgruntled member, Ajmal Cheema, have been shut down since yesterday.
In this context, Nawani stated that all the members who have joined the group know that they would have to face difficulties as they have taken a stand against the government.
The spokesperson said that the political situation of the country is being reviewed on daily basis and that all the members stand with the stance and have no regrets.
“Samsam Bukhari and Asif Nikai are our brothers; however, they were never a part of the Jahangir Tareen group,” the group’s spokesperson said.
Shedding light on the plans of the group, he said that “no one should ever refuse negotiations.”
“The members are yet to choose a name for the position of the chief minister,” he said, adding that no talks have been held in this regard.



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