British PM Boris Johnson urges people to stay calm during coronavirus panic


British prime minister Boris Johnson has appealed to his people to stay calm as a new coronavirus strain has driven fear among the masses in the UK.

Speaking at a press conference, the British prime minister advised people to continue shopping for the holiday season as usual, reassuring them that the supply of food and medicines will not be affected by the new wave of the coronavirus and the resulting border travel bans the country has been facing.
Trucks waiting to get out of Britain backed up for miles and people were left stranded at airports Monday as dozens of countries around the world slapped tough travel restrictions on the UK because of a new and seemingly more contagious strain of the coronavirus in England.
Johnson revealed that he held a conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron.
Boris Johnson said he understood the reason for the new measures and expressed hope for a swift resumption in the free flow of traffic between the UK and France, perhaps within a few hours.
From Canada to India, one nation after another banned flights from Britain, while France barred the entry of trucks from the UK for 48 hours as countries around the world assess the new coronavirus strain.
The British prime minister said that he is aware of precautions of various countries regarding the new virus while 0.5 million people have been vaccinated in the country.
The precautions raised fears of food shortages in Britain if the restrictions drag on.


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