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Billo Rani Warning: Cries Will turn Into Roars and Topple Your Govt.

PPP Chairman, Bilawal Zardari (Billo Rani) warned PM Imran khan that if he or his corrupt daddy and aunt will be arrested, then PPP will response back and may topple his Government.

Sucking on the blood of poor Pakistanis from decades, Zardari and family broke their silence in retaliation that if the arrests will be made.

PPP-Z (zardari), an hijacked party is one of the most corrupt and criminal political party in the world. These parties has militant wings who are waiting for one indication from their leaders to start the spread of violence across Sindh.

Billo Rani, in his tweet gave warning in hidden words, he said that the public is crying for gas, water and electric and their cries soon will convert into roar to topple your government, but he is indirectly giving warning to Imran khan and ultimately to State of Pakistan.

World’s top intelligence agency ISI is fully aware of the situation and intelligence is provided to Pak Forces, Rangers and other local law enforcement agencies. As per reports, the province is ready to handle any situation but will not spare criminals and there will be NO NRO.

The State of Pakistan must overcome the scums of political leadership and is ready to handle any law and order situation. Bilawal fake statements will not scare the State of Pakistan and the criminals will be punished and they will reach their ultimate destination which is JAIL.

However, Billo Rani thinks otherwise and living in dream land.



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