Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Asma Shirazi And Nawaz Leaked Video


Web Desk: This video is provided by the courtesy of a supporter on Facebook. In this video, Nawaz is traveling from London to Pakistan.

During his journey he stopped at Abu Dhabi as a transit where he’s talking with  CORRUPT media journalist Asma Shirazi and some other guy, perhaps her Manager.

Shirazi was instructed to air the interview by Nawaz, however, she politely refused and said that as per PEMRA instructions our channel can be closed and we may not be able to air the interview.

Nawaz consciously insisting to support him and he’s basically begging the corrupt media who was taking money from him when was in power, but as soon as the power was shifted from Nawaz, the corrupt media also showed their back to him.

Nawaz must understand that the corrupt media and its ill educated, low-life anchors are with no one except the dollars, as long as dollars came in the past, they supported Nawaz, as soon as he went down, his control over the media slowly slipped away as well.

I think Nawaz understand now…



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