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Arrested Terrorist Mulla and TLP Leader Afzal Qadri Hospitalized

One of the terror organization working within Pakistan disguising under the name of Islam and Prophet Muhammad PBUH, their leader Afzal Qadri reported to be admitted to a hospital due to chest pain.

The terror organization leader was detained on treason, terrorism and destroying the peace in the country as well as exploiting their illiterate followers to spark the riots within the country. Afzal is now in the Army hospital undergoing tests on the expense of Pakistan government.

These fake and utterly fraudulent mullas were receiving foreign funding from organisations like RAW to interrupt the peace in the country and to create a chaos in order to start a civil war within.

World’s top intelligence agency ISI, interrupted the secret communications between TLP and foreign NGO’s who operates against Pakistan as well as their funding money trail. The trial against these criminal is underway, likely to be in the Anti Terrorism Court (ATC)

Along with Qadri their guru Khadim Hussain is also detained in prison for terrorism and treason charges, we have yet to see when Khadim will start chest pain complains to escape jail atmosphere for a while.



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