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Another Pakistan’s Traitor Mulla ‘Tahir Ashrafi’ Found Getting Funding From West

Picture Says a Thousand Words – Does This Criminal Look Like a Islamic Scholar? You be the Judge

Islamabad: Tahir Ashari, a fake and traitor cleric is under investigation of getting foreign funding from external establishments which works against Pakistan.

Ashrafi, who is one of the most corrupt, criminal cleric in Pakistan found with large sums of money in his accounts as well as involved in distribution of this money through him or his accounts.

The anti terrorism wing of the office is researching fake Moulana Tahir Ashrafi, the director of Pakistan Ulema Council after the matter of suspicious subsidizing surfaced.

The fake and corrupt religious scholar is confronting the charge of getting assets from western nations to advance their motivation in the country.

The FIA has issued a notice to Ashrafi, guiding him to show up before the court on December 26. The investigation, as indicated by the office, could be stretched out to more people.

In the meantime, Ashrafi has denied the charges, expressing that there was no questionable exchange from his financial balances.

He stated, “I am in Saudi Arabia and will show up before the FIA group when he get back to Pakistan”.

In March 2017, the Central Executive Body (Majlis-I-Shoora) and the regular body (Majlis-I-Amoomi) of the Pakistan Ulema Council had claimed that its previous head Moulana Tahir Ashrafi covertly gotten assets from global NGO’s.



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