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Amir Liaqat, a Con Artist Says Jinn Attacked Haram Sharif in the form of Assassin Bugs


We all know about Amir Liaqat Hussain, a con-artist, fraud and an absolute liar has said in one of his own clip posted on social media that last week the Jinn had attacked Kaaba in the form of cockroaches and assassin bugs which swamped Haram Sharif Mosque.

Amir Liaqat, a characterless man has made this stunt in order to promote himself on the social media as his rating has tremendously declined during the past few months.

His lies and deceptions are seriously criticized on social media and left people thinking if his mental health is declined and many believe he’s not in his senses. This liar and con-artist fooling people from many many years and he wont stop until we dump him.

There was not any Jinn attack on Kaaba, this is all fake news and self constructed thoughts any insane person could have. Mostly Jinns are partners of Satan and the biggest Jinn Iblis is also a Satan, how it is possible a Satan to attack Kaaba?

We urge people to ignore the news given by this absolute idiot man “Amir Liaqat” and confirm before spreading the rumors on social media. As a proof his clip is below…watch and see for yourself.

لعنت اللہ الا لکازبین المنافقین



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