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Aleem Khan joins Jahangir Tareen’s PTI group

Former senior minister Punjab Aleem Khan has joined Jahangir Khan Tareen’s PTI faction, Saeed Akbar Nawani confirmed Monday.

Khan, addressing a press conference after a meeting at Tareen’s residence, said former PTI secretary-general played an important role in the party’s rise to power.
“We are thankful to him […] he is sick at the moment, so I asked Nanwani to hold the meeting at Tareen’s residence. This was done in order to give a message to Tareen that despite his absence, he is not forgotten,” he said.
Khan praised all the PTI members who “stood by Tareen in his difficult times”, as he lauded the estranged party leader for remaining “determined to his cause”.
The development comes after Khan attended a meeting at estranged PTI leader Jahangir Tareen’s residence today to attend an important meeting of Tareen’s PTI faction regarding the no-confidence motion.
They revealed that the meeting would be held at Tareen’s residence while the former PTI secretary-general would attend the huddle via video link from London.
They said that the members would adopt a joint political strategy by gathering all the groups within the PTI.
Meanwhile, Khan is said to have made contacts with over 40 Punjab MPAs, including 10 ministers, in the last 30 days, the sources said. The names of these MPAs, however, will be kept secret till the current political scenario becomes clear.
Sources further added that during the meeting today, the members will review the strategy in case the no-confidence motion is presented in the Parliament.
They will also review the Opposition’s efforts to convince other disgruntled members of the ruling party and their proposals and strategies regarding Punjab and the Centre.
Tareen is currently in London for his medical treatment.
The sources said that Tareen has the support of 20 MPAs and if they support the Opposition’s no-confidence motion, the chief minister can be ousted.
Ahead of the Opposition’s plan to table the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan, PTI leader Khan has been contacted by the senior leadership of PML-N, sources said.



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