AJK President rejects any mediation, diplomatic solution to Kashmir issue


Azad Jammu Kashmir President Sardar Masood Khan has categorically rejected any mediation or diplomatic solution to Kashmir issue without the will of Kashmiri people.

Talking to a 25-member delegation of journalists in Muazaffarabad, he said media has a great role to play by apprising the international community of the agonies of the Kashmiri brethren currently besieged by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.
Paying tributes to electronic and print media for projecting the Kashmir cause on international level, he urged them to keep up the momentum and also play their valuable role in inculcating unity and cohesion among the nation on the Kashmir issue.
The AJK President said the target of hatred being spread by India is not the people of Jammu and Kashmir alone but Pakistan also.
He said India is threatening to impose war and even using nuclear weapons against Pakistan and in these circumstances, Islamabad’s first priority should be to save the lives of besieged Kashmiri people who are frontline defenders of Pakistan.


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