A Pakistani Youtuber ‘Hassan Nisar’ Discovered 8 Waterfalls in the Jab Valley of Haripur


Hassan Nisar is a youtuber, who has discovered 8 waterfalls in Jab valley Haripur, Hazara in the province of KPK.

The Jab is a beautiful valley surrounding around lush green mountains, amazing green beds, diverse plants, water-bodies and precious and rare species.
The Jab valley is located at the elevation of 3000 feet, which is located at the distance of 102km from the Islamabad. This valley possesses the different species of flora and fauna.
There the one can find, amazing olive trees, enriched with green olives, leopards on the hills and monkeys on the trees, that gives you the feel of hill-station. This is an amazing and easy-accessible tourist destination for the adventurous people.
Here, the people can enjoy hiking, crystal clear water of spring and spectacular views of 8 waterfalls flowing step by step and making their path in mountains. T
he first waterfall is falling at the height of 200 feet, and the other seven waterfalls are falling at the height of 50 feet. It is an awesome and nature enriched tourist spot, that remained undiscovered or hided from the tourists and travelers, nation and world-wide.
The overall, access to the valley is easy but the inconvenience starts, when the tourist reach to spring and waterfall spot. If, the government show interest and give attention to this valley, it will prove to be the one of the best tourist destinations of Pakistan and KP tourism.


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