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A hidden village carved into a cliff

For more than 500 years, a remote tribe has lived suspended on a cliff-side in the mountains of Oman.

Around 195km south-west of Muscat’s sand-fringed coastline, Oman’s dusty plains rise into the limestone folds of the Jabal al Akhdar – a 2,980m-high massif known as the ‘Green Mountain’.
This maze of twisting valleys and deep canyons is one of the country’s most remote corners, and as the road loses its asphalt, the only way forward is on foot, by mule or by all-terrain vehicle.
After climbing for 20 more kilometres through steep switchbacks, a tiny cluster of homes seemingly suspended on a cliff’s edge appears across a canyon. This is Al Sogara: an isolated village carved into the mountainside where people have lived for more than 500 years.



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