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A Big Shock for Fawad Chaudhry Evil Game As Supreme Court Orders to Free Dr. Shahid Masood Immediately

As we mentioned earlier in the breaking news, Supreme Court have accepted Dr. Shahid Masood’s bail in returns with Rs 500,000 bail bonds and ordered related authorities to free Dr. Shahid Masood immediately.

Dr. Shahid Masood who is still under doctors observation in PIMS hospital was delighted with the news and showed his gratitude on the Supreme Court decision.

Is Dr.Shahid Masood out of Trouble?
Dr. Shahid Masood is facing another case in the lower court for Noor ul Ameen who filed a case against Dr. Masood of snatching his phone and threatening him, an agreement has been reached by both parties on that case and Noor ul Ameen is ready to drop the charges/complaint.

It is reported that when the case will be heard regarding Noor Ul Ameen in the lower court, both parties will agree to let it go, and Dr. Shahid Masood already apologized Noor ul Ameen personally, so this case will also be settled in the favor of Dr. Masood when the date will come in F8 Islamabad courts. Only then Dr. Masood will be completely out of the woods.

Bigger Trouble is Over:
As we mentioned, the bigger problem in Dr. Shahid Masood’s arrest and fraud case of PTV/FIA is almost resolved with the prayers of many die-hard fans of Dr. Masood, who prayed day and night for his safe and sound return. And insha Allah, he will recover from the medical issues soon will come back with twice the force.

A Sad Day For Fawad Chaudhry:
PTV and FIA have no case and they were not able to prove a single wrongdoing or theft by Dr. Masood, therefore this case will soon be thrown out. A big loss to Fawad Chaudhry’s conspiracy along with Zardari and Malik Riaz as Dr. Shahid Masood will be on-air soon.

Mr. Fawad, Dr. Shahid Masood is coming to Dhabar Dhoos, soon your real face will also be exposed as Pakistan as a state is moving towards a HUGE change soon.

More to come as story develops….




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