Friday, December 2, 2022
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1250 Pakistanis deported from Ukraine, Pakistan Embassy

Pakistan embassy in Ukraine on Wednesday said that 1,250 Pakistanis have been evacuated from the war-torn country so far since the beginning of the Russian invasion.

According to media reports, the embassy sources said that those who were evacuated include members of Pakistani community living in Ukraine, students and families of diplomatic staff.
Sources further informed that at the moment, at least 19 Pakistanis are present at the Ukraine-Romania border, six are heading towards Ukraine-Hungry border and four are heading towards Poland border.
The embassy sources said that there were 4,000 members of Pakistani community and 3,000 students in Ukraine before Russian invasion. Most Pakistani nationals had already left on the advice of the embassy before February 24. Pakistani diplomats were doing their best to evacuate the remaining citizens.



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